Ambient or Heated Transport on Demand

Your Heated or Chilled Goods Delivered in Perfect Condition

The transporting of certain goods needs special attention due to the temperature required. At Valois, we are equipped to carry out ambient transport or heated transport of all goods.

Our large fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles ensures delivery in perfect condition of your load of temperate, heated or refrigerated products. Thanks to our thoroughness and concern for a job well done, we service companies in several sectors of activity, such as food, pharmaceutical industry and hazardous materials.

By entrusting ambient transport or heated transport to the Valois team, you get reliable service in all respects. Our vehicles are maintained and inspected regularly to take the road with confidence. From loading to delivering to the destination, your goods will be handled with the utmost care by our qualified professionals to ensure quality upon delivery.

Valois Ambient and Heated Tans Fleet

  • Temperate units for ambient transport (18 to 25 transport °C)
  • Dedicated transport
  • Units adapted for heated transport