Dedicated Transport for Your Business

Our Large Truck Fleet at Your Service

The delivery of your products to your customers plays a major role in the growth of your company and your business development. By entrusting this work to Valois professionals, you save time and money, while enjoying the outstanding service of dedicated transport specialists. Therefore, you can concentrate with peace of mind on everything that makes your company renowned.

From our facility in Trois-Rivières, we are able to send dedicated transport fleets to the four corners of the province, in both urban centers and regions. Regardless of the volume of goods to transport, we will provide the best equipped vehicles driven by reliable and experienced drivers.

As entrepreneurs, we are well aware of the importance for you to be well represented to your customers and suppliers. That is why we make it our duty to ensure an irreproachable dedicated transport service at all times. In practical terms, this means respecting deadlines, displaying utmost care in handling merchandise and courtesy towards everyone we deal with.

Valois Advantages for Dedicated Transport

  • Large transport fleet for all your needs
  • Regular transport vehicle maintenance
  • Reduction of your delivery and distribution costs
  • Optimization of your offer and services
  • Turnkey service (drivers, fuel, insurance, etc.)
  • Improved profitability for your business