All Inclusive Business Moving

Turnkey Business Moving Services

Moving a business represents a major organizational challenge in addition to impacting your productivity. At Valois, we can help minimize the impacts of a commercial move on the operation of your business.

Thanks to our many years of experience in business moving, we are equipped to manage projects of any scale. Our specialists provide the necessary support so that every step of moving your business runs smoothly, and you can rapidly return to work in your new environment.

You can count on the Valois team to have everything delivered to its destination in perfect condition.

Valois Advantages for Commercial Moving

  • Free on-site evaluation
  • Development of a plan and tracking system
  • Provision of boxes and book cases on wheels
  • Precise instructions to employees
  • Complete or partial packing and unpacking of office material
  • Disassembling and assembling furniture
  • Transporting electronic equipment
  • Installation of modular stations
  • Complete protection, thanks to our insurance coverage
  • Qualified man on-site

Optimal Solution for the Transfer of Employees

The opening of a new office or moving a business sometimes involves transferring employees to another city. This professional and personal transition can become very stressful for your employees and their families. Fortunately, Valois can facilitate the move and installation of key employees in their new environment.

At Valois, commercial moving specialists are trained to act quickly and effectively. They ensure the transfer of employees within the time limits agreed upon and facilitate change management for the whole family.

Provide the best to your employees and their families for their move.

Valois Benefits for Employee Transfers

  • Assessment of needs at home
  • Coordination of relocation with employer and employees
  • Complete management of relocation
  • Secure storage solutions